TripSitter: 05.06.2015 ‘Metamørphose’ EP Release Party w/ANNA SAGE +FAMINEHILL

Posted on maggio 4, 2015 
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releaseparty tripsitter

Quick update about TripSitter EP “Metamørphose” record release. Set for 05.06.15 the release party will see the austrian band sharing the stage with two amazing bands, representing the best of european melodic hc scene. Anna Sage from Paris and Faminehill from Budapest will celebrate the 2nd record release next to our TripSitter on their homely PMK stage. No reason to miss this party if you are around. Daily updates on TripSitter fb fanpage and right here, on kreativeklan News Section.
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Anymore: ‘Metal Is Dead’ Single Track to Pump Up the New Gardaland Dive Coaster Video Time Lapse! Here is OBLIVION – THE BLACK HOLE…

Posted on maggio 1, 2015 
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Schermata 05-2457144 alle 12.44.59

Applausi per gli Anymore che hanno prestato il proprio brano Metal Is Dead (recorded, mixed and mastered in kreativeklanstudio), per l’esaltante video timelapse di Oblivion – The Black Hole, il primo Dive Coster costruito in Italia! Inaugurato lo scorso 28 Marzo 2015, Oblivion è il nuovo rollercoaster a caduta in picchiata verticale. In queste immagini suggestive è possibile rivivere la nascita di Oblivion in 60 secondi!

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TripSitter: ‘Metamørphose’ EP Cover Preview + Lisa Wöss Photo MakingOf

Posted on aprile 28, 2015 
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Everytime kreativeklan gets news from TripSitter we know we get something amazing to work on. And this time is exactly the case. The band is working on a new record right? You all know that already. They hit the kreativeklanstudio last December and the final master is on the way, after working on drums, bass, gtrs levels for a while… What else? A month ago a tour video diary came out, called ‘Tour Impressions‘, featuring shootings from 2014/2015 CzechRepublic/Slovakia/Italy/Switzerland/Aust­ria shows (the video is still available on youtube). But now it’s time to put some visual creativity on the table and work on the upcoming Ep artwork Cover. And when it comes to images, no one can rival TripSitter on diy imagination.
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Deadalus: ‘An Adverse Event Horizon’ Drum Session Out Now

Posted on aprile 17, 2015 
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It’s so good to get the chance to listen to this song again. Almost a year went by since kreativeklan released this record. And yet it is still very fun to hear. Here you get our friend Mykke to play a Drum Session from the song ‘An Adverse Event Horizon‘, very first track on the album ‘Remnant of Oblivion’ (kreativeklan 2014). Please enjoy this Deadalus video while waiting for them to play at the next Antwerp Metal Festival next 03.07 and 04.07.2015 at Bouckenborgh Park. Nice one right? If you will be in the area, join the fb event and get last minutes updates (facebook event). Read more

Sulfure: ‘OVERTHROWN BY ZOMBIES’ Studio Playthrough available now. New Ep Out Soon…

Posted on aprile 7, 2015 
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Last summer a nice thrash metal band from Lausanne came over to Verona to attend the most amazing recording summer camp @ kreativeklanstudio. The result was a kickass ep record, attractively named ‘Humans for Breakfast‘. That was exactly the theme: an appetizing mix of zombies, flesh hunger and passion for human biting (where who’s pinched is the humans itself). We loved the record, with its 2015 metal old school irony and it’s classical thrash massive songwriting structure. Sulfure record was fun to record and to mix, making kreativeklanstudio work on oldies sonorities, finding a new and personal way for the band. It was also fun to shoot this nice Video Playthrough, which shows the band playing one of the most entertaining song on the record, which would be ‘Overthrown by Zombies‘. Read more

TripSitter: ‘Tour Impressions’ Video Out Now on TripSitterHC youtube channel. A 2014 Tour Diary while waiting for 2015 New Ep

Posted on marzo 23, 2015 
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We have a serious weakness for this project. TripSitter are friends and brothers to us. kreativeklan is following them from their very first Ep and even back then they already had what it took to make a great band.

It is with some emotion that we share with you this tour diary, which tells a lot about these guys, their closest friends and what they give when they are on stage. They all are amazing people, serious about life and though choices, with a deep sense of friendship and loyalty and the heart of 4 years old kids. Isn’t for this kind of people that melodic hc even exist? Read more

Marmore: ‘Non ti Scoprire’ Tour Final Calendar. From Turin to Bari and back. In March 2015

Posted on marzo 13, 2015 
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Senza titolo-1

Here is the final calendar for an amazing Marmore March Tour. They will drive up and down the bellaitalia from March the 14th to the end of the month… They will reach Naples and even Bari for a secret show, bringing with them ‘Paura della Luce’ EP and a few new tracks they want to try on stage. Make sure you check them out if they’re coming to your town.
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Voltage Events: TripSitter @ FLAME (Domegliara VR) Next March 14th w/ DEAD LIKE JULIET and KRASHAH

Posted on febbraio 28, 2015 
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Voltage Events
è la nuova super-potenza di organizzazione concerti in area Veneto. Il prossimo Sabato 14 Marzo ospiteranno i nostri amici TripSitter per una data imperdibile sul palco del Flame di Domegliara (VR). Ad aprire ci saranno i locals Krashah mentre saranno i Dead Like Juliet (melodic hc da Merano) headliner della serata.
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Nothing Important Happened Today: ‘TO FEND’ EP Out Now on iTunes, Amazon, and in free streaming on

Posted on febbraio 14, 2015 
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Finally out Nothing Important Happened Today Ep ‘To Fend‘. You can buy it online from your favourite online music platform or listening to it for free on 3 tracks and a couple of interludes in between, for an instrumental post-rock band we are really proud of. Enjoy this record and make it the soundtrack of this Valentine Day, which we don’t care very much about, if it wasn’t for one of our favuorite releases coming out!

As we explained already, ‘To Fend’ is a record dedicated to the most natural way fo protect ourselves (like the bicho bola insect does in the cover). It is a celebration of being simple and unknown, without giving up being extraordinary. To us, it seems the best description of this 3 tracks Ep and the band itself, which we truly hope you will enjoy and take the listening time to check, in this busy life, made of too quick likes on facebook pages.  Read more

Mothercare: ‘Chronicles of Ordinary Hatred’ Album Out Now. Release Show @ Sin City – Negrar VR Tonight

Posted on gennaio 30, 2015 
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Web Cover 1500x1500
Finally out ‘Chronicles of Ordinary Hatred‘ album. Right tonight @ Sin City club, supported by lifetime friends Necroart, you get the chance to see if the band can actually play what they recorded. A fine and crazy plot of rythmic structures and modern metal patterns, a sharp and yet nasty sonority and a few kickass cover songs for this unexpected Mothercare record. Read more

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