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Sabato 1 marzo appuntamento imperdibile targato Wobble Crew nella location più alternativa di Padova! Dopo anni di appuntamenti dedicati al culto della bass music il prossimo evento avrà una formula decisamente più ricca… una pomeridiana che unisce skate culture e dj set a partire dalle 15 del prossimo sabato! Uno skate festival aperto a tutti nella cornice del Park padovano Saint V, con la partecipazione delle crew più rappresentative della scena dub e bass in Italia! Al fianco del miglior skateshop della zona – RIDER HOUSE (Este e Piove di Sacco) – siamo lietissimi di offrire supporto e sponsorizzazione a questo evento di inizio primavera!!!


WOBBLE FREE SKATING (Dalle 15:00 alle 21:00)

Avete voglia di provare ad andare in uno SkatePark? Siete degli appassionati e vi volete impegnare in trick e salti da professionisti? Lo SkatePark SAINT V al coperto è fatto per voi dai più esperti a quelli che stanno cominciando ora. Ah si.. a far da colonna sonora ci penseranno i nostri dj che daranno volume alle casse del second stage a partire dalle 17:00… Read more

Sinfulness: ‘Sentenced to Life’ Album Cover + Tracklist Preview

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Kreative Klan is very pleased to preview the ‘Sentenced to Life‘ Album Cover for the first time! Designed by Miguel Mendes, a belgian graphic designer who’s working in one of Liège’s best communication agencies (, and also as a freelancer. He’s collaborating with Durbuy Rock Festival for instance ( As you can see the main object of the artwork is an old tree, with huge roots clinging the ground.

[...] As far as the concept goes, it’s quite simple. We told Miguel about the general idea behind the album: life & death, perseverance, fulfilment/flourishing… We talked about different images we had in mind. One of these was a tree: a well known symbol of life, which continues to grow no matter what, just like we all do, always developing. It’s deeply anchored in this world yet it reaches for the skies. In the booklet, there will also the bust of a woman, another symbol for life of course, and for passion. There’s kind of a parallel between the shape of the bust as pictured in the artwork and the tree, kinda bridging both ideas. [...] Read more

Anymore: ‘HEARTBEAT’ Euro Tour Update 2014… PRAGUE WEEK-END!!!!

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Time to load the van again for Anymore… This weekend they will be in CZ for a couple of great gigs!! Friends from Prague will be happy to listen to ‘Heartbeat’ EP live before the band will enter the Studio again for new stuff! If you missed on listening the Ep, this is your chance to make up for it!!

21/02 live at EXIT-US ( w/ ARS TRIPLEX + KRUTON
22/02 live at MODRA VOPICE ( w/ Balamuta + Godnoise + D.O.P Read more

riverun: ‘Long Life’ LYRICS VIDEO OUT NOW + ‘DREGS SUPPORT CONTEST’ Winner Announcement!! Free EP copy for the lucky b***ard…

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And now it’s time to sing along as drunken friends… it’s been almost a month from the ‘DREGS’ Ep release and riverun are back with the best lyrics video!! The song they have chosen is in position n.3 and it’s a NREC featuring again, as it was for the previous single track Traitors and Liars, also included in ‘Dregs’ EP. The collaboration appears to work just fine! So that’s it. Like riverun use to say… [...] THIS IS JUST A TASTE / OF WHAT IT’S GONNA BE LIKE / FROM NOW ON!!! [...] Read more

TripSitter: ‘Decampment’ EP OUT NOW!! The Release Show Video Report Available Soon…

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cover tripsitter

Finally Out DECAMPMENT Ep from TripSitter. Last Saturday a delegation of Kreative Klan team was in Innsbruck @ Pmk to celebrate the release. On stage Marmore, Not to Save One’s Life, Skyshape and – bringing the stage down – TRIPSITTER!! This studio effort was for the band and for Kreative Klan itself a huge step to shape the discography we wanna make in the future. The whole show was filmed to show you we are not lying. A Backstage Video Report will be released soon on kreativeklan webtv… Melodic hc fans please give a chance to this record because you won’t regret it! Read more

TripSitter: ‘Perspectives’ Studio Playthrough Video – Friday 21/02 at 6pm PREMIERE on!

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DECAMPMENT‘ Ep Release Show will be tomorrow night @ PMK – Innsbruck! But here we are, announcing another TripSitter date you should note on your calendar! Next friday the STUDIO PLAYTHROUGH from the song Perspectives, will be premiered by at 6pm sharp! This first video we will share with you guys, is something really unusual for a single track. The guys – instead of putting out there a normal videoclip to collect visualization on youtube – wanted something more authentic, which could tell the special story behind the production of this EP and this song in particular. The Video was shot and edited by Antonio Arico @ Kreative Klan Studio. Read more

TripSitter: New Merch Collection 2014!! Available at ‘DECAMPMENT’ Ep Release Party this Saturday…

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Time to celebrate TripSitter Release Show next Saturday. Together with the ‘Decampment’ EP release, TripSitter will present their new merch collection, made of male tshirt, a purple beanie and female tank tops. 2 minimal designs on white shirts. Both of them strictly connected to the record title and the butterfly you will find on the CD cover… Read more

New Signing Band to Kreative Klan: SINFULNESS (Metal/Hardcore/Death from Liège)

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logo 2013 bleu

Met them in Liège, during a 6K Fest at Le Hangar club. They came up to us with a perfect project in their hands. They were that sort of death jewel, made of grown-up musicians and with a wide musical vision on what they wanted to achieve. The album Sinfulness will release under Kreative Klan will be actually the fourth studio effort from the band. They had a demo out in 2008, a self-released album in 2009 and an EP called The Rotten (2012), which was the reason why we decided to sign this band. Read more

TripSitter: ‘Decampment’ EP Release Show next Feb 15th… Special Support by NTS1L, Skyshape and Marmore!!

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tripsitter releaseparty

Time to get back to music. Here we are to present the best show we could hope for at Kreative Klan! 4 kk endorser bands, joining all together to celebrate the debut EP release from TripSitter! ‘Decampment‘ will be the name of the CD, fully recorded, mixed and mastered @ Kreative Klan Studio last summer. You have seen the cover+tracklist preview already… It will be a record of passion and deep musical content and you will definitely love it. Read more

Sinaver: Radio Interview for Electri-city 2.0

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